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DPCNews 066 - The eye protection during PT an MT | The "Glorious Thirty" and new times | A dramatically...low cost penetrant

Written by Dubosc
Monday, 24 March 2014 12:35

In the front page this month | March-April 2014

[EDITO] : The eye protection during PT and MT

[NEWS] : The "Glorious Thirty" and new times

[OLDIES BUT GOODIES] : A dramatically...low cost penetrant


The eye protection during penetrant and magnetic particles testing.
In the UV-A sources in penetrant and magnetic particle testing, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are increasingly replacing mercury vapour and μ-xenon discharge bulbs
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The "Glorious Thirty" and new times
Those who lived through the "Glorious Thirty", a time of ever-expanding economy from 1945 to 1975, are now in their sixties, or more. They were the witnesses of an extraordinary period, which unfortunately has gone forever.
Will the next generations know a similar occurrence ? You bet "no" !
As many of our readers were not yet born then, they only heard of it. Guess how it was ?


A dramatically...low cost penetrant
From a marketing point of view, chemicals may be classified in three families : "Commodities", Chemical specialties, Fine chemicals.
So-called "commodities" are widely used chemicals, manufactured in impressive quantities (by thousands of tons sometimes) such as those sold in supermarkets (cleaners for dish-washers, for soils, etc...). Competition is harsh and, then, selling prices and margins (measured as a percentage of the price) are low. Do PT materials belong to this family ?
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We, Pierre CHEMIN and Patrick DUBOSC, welcome any comment, any idea. If you have some examples you would like to see discussed here, please give us all the useful indications. If you require confidentially, we would modify locations, names and some parameters to prevent any traceability.
Nevertheless, we are convinced that our site may be a kind of surge-valve: the topic is NOT to target this company, or that auditor; but it is always to make users think, to make them ask themselves, or others, the right questions.

We may also give advice, once again on a confidential basis if needed: please, feel free to ask questions, to document our data basis: about Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), about environment, a chemical name you don't understand, a Penetrant process you have heard about, etc.

We have plenty of examples, some being out of all the specifications / standards, which led to the discontinuities detection, when the "current, normal, processes" prevented discontinuity finding.

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