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DPCNews 069 - Using the standard terminology in NDT: a good idea | Doubt removal in MT | Primes and subcontractors

Written by Dubosc
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 14:04

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[EDITO] Using the standard terminology in Non-destructive Testing: a good idea

[NEWS] Doubt removal in magnetic particle testing

[OLDIES BUT GOODIES] Primes and subcontractors: were they on equal terms?




Using the standard terminology in Non-destructive Testing: a good idea

There are a large number of standards dealing with the terminology in non-destructive testing.

The non-compliance to the standardized terminology obviously leads to problems of understanding between the various representatives, which may lead to troubles or even misinterpretations.

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Doubt removal in magnetic particle testing

We dealt with the topic of doubt removal in penetrant testing, which is called the “wipe-off technique”, now described in the paragraph 8.7.3 of the ISO 3452-1 standard.

As for magnetic particle testing, in the chapter 12 Interpretation and recording of indications of the ISO 9934-1 standard, strictly speaking, no doubt removal technique is stated.

We did not find anything about it in the ASTM standards.

However, MT operators or inspectors may view either weak indications corresponding to just-below-surface discontinuities or misleading indications due, for example, to the presence of foreign substances (small debris, clothes’ fibres, hair, etc.) on the surface of the part under inspection.

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Primes and subcontractors: were they on equal terms?

Formerly, a suspicion prevailed in the aerospace industry, which asserted that American primes demanded more from their European subcontractors than from their American ones. Even our British friends agreed that there was some truth in this sentence.

We were wrong when blaming only our American friends.

The following short story, absolutely true, occurred in Europe!

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