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March 2011 - George Downes (1930-2011): A man dedicated to magnetic testing

Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 12:29

George DOWNES passed away on the morning of January 24, 2011.

For many people involved in Magnetic Testing (MT) in UK, at least those who are in their fifties-and more-, this name will last as the one of a man who knew a lot about magnetic fields, equipment for MT, not only on a theoretical point of view, but also who was very pragmatic. He wrote several documents. You may get more information on these papers by Google search: george downes ndt is the clue.

George DOWNES has been a personal friend of one of us, Patrick DUBOSC, for at least three decades. I met his wife Dorothy several times, some of his closest friends in UK. What I was delighted with about him was his knowledge of his beloved English language--the “true” English, not the English written by “the cousins on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean”. He was fond of this language; it is a real pleasure to read his technical papers even with a limited knowledge of what he wrote about. I learned a lot with him, along the years, through exchanges first by “snail-mail” (you know, the way we send a letter in an envelop with a stamp affixed), then through fax machines-- a real breakthrough, that young people cannot even imagine! Then through computers, e-mails, though both we had a limited confidence in these machines.

About 10 years ago, he had almost completed a thick book about MT, when an “adventurous” click made all vanish instantly! He was unable to delete the last “command” to the computer, and to lay his hands again on the valuable job he has done.
So, he gave up using computers, except for e-mails and some look to Internet through Google.

I’ll miss this man as a friend, as a technical advisor, as a distinguished linguist. He was the only people to call me VIP! Any message was sent to “PATRICK VIP” … another reason not to forget him!

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