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November 2009 - Once again the end of Penetrant Testing is announced!

Written by Administrator
Sunday, 01 November 2009 16:57

A meeting, held in South West of France beginning of October 2009, led to a significant number of Aerospace Industry Level 3s talking about Penetrant Testing (PT) future. Unfortunately we could not attend this meeting.

Some Level 3s stated that PT was to be replaced soon by other methods: PT using chemicals, huge amounts of water to be treated, etc., would be replaced by non-contact, "clean" methods.

If present we would have argued another way!

"What is the NDT method which 40 years ago was announced as living its final years? 2000 would have seen it become obsolete.

This method is PT and it is yet and again the target of "younger generations" for whom the right way to perform NDT is computer, computer, computer.

As a matter of fact, PT is by large the most widely used NDT method, and many are the NDT suppliers of other methods ready to step onto this turf! Even ready to replace it with Ultrasonic Testing (UT) or Eddy Current Testing (ET). Nevertheless PT is still valid, valiant, invaluable and … irreplaceable.

All the NDT methods have their own niche; none can replace any other one.

PT, that's true, does not seem an "attractive" method for some people and is even labelled as a "minor method" by more and more people.

Penetrant Testing puts many people off:
• Using chemicals which may soil or stain hands, clothes, and further may be bad-smelling.
• Penetrant, solvent, developer used in bad conditions.
• Processing in dirty and badly-maintained installations.

Well PT gives a bad impression to many. So easier, more pleasant, more comfortable to use an electronic equipment as in UT or ET!

And yet everything cannot be done through electronics.

Is PT an NDT method for the future? Oh yes!

Every day new manual, half automatic or fully automatic PT lines are commissioned.

Every day new users perform a PT inspection for the first time.

As a matter of fact Pierre CHEMIN and Patrick DUBOSC put on the Web a vocational site, in both English and French languages. This website is now 18 months old and has met a renewed interest by users, auditors, auditees. Its address comes as:

(easy to type "google" then "ressuage magnetoscopie"; then to put this site in your favorites!) which deals only with penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing. Go to it to get a free-of-charge subscription.

Furthermore in the 10th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing which will be held in Moscow on 2010, June 7-11, we are to give a conference titled: ‘‘PENETRANT TESTING AND YEAR 2060’’ in which we will explain why PT will still be a major NDT method in 2060!

As evidenced we trust in the PT future.’’

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