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May 2009 - One year later!

Written by Administrator
Friday, 01 May 2009 19:03

Dear readers,

One year ago, when we initiated this very specific website, we were anxious about who could be interested, whether our way of thinking would bring us some support or some angry criticism.

Indeed, expectations and dreams differ from a country to another one. So the American dream became: ‘‘Yes, we can’’, while the French dream did not stop being: ‘‘Yes, week-end"

Obviously when looking at the number of people who paid at least one visit to our website, when looking at how many people and who asked to receive our DPCNewsletter every month, when looking at the emails received from all over the world that almost every day tell us how our readers are happy to find previously unheard of information, we are happy to have been so helpful!

This would have not possible without so many favourable returns.

YOU, our readers, are invited to send us your ideas, your questions, your bad or good experiences, your examples of "non-after-the-rules-nevertheless-successful-PT inspection" (or, for that matter, also MT inspection!).

YOU face every day (or every other day!) peculiar, beyond understanding requirements, sometimes due to requirements in standards/specifications badly understood by people without experience ... but who perhaps are the prime representative, the representative of the company which buys your products! Are you then helpless, let alone?

No, you come back to some of the papers/examples you've read on this website ... and suddenly the light comes! You can counter a ridiculously-based requirement!

That's only a joke! Never you are in such a situation. Relationship between manufacturers and customers are always smooth, based on good faith from both sides!

However, let us quote as an example, the case of a customer who in 2008 ordered an automatic FPI process line. He absolutely wanted the hydrophilic emulsifier bath to be agitated because, according to him, it allowed to maintain the emulsifier concentration constant. The PT process line manufacturer told him that it was useless and he confirmed that by sending him a copy of our DPCNEWS N°1 titled ‘‘POST EMULSIFIABLE PENETRANT TESTING: HYDROPHILIC EMULSIFIER’’ ...That was perfect timing!!

What have we done so far?

Considering that PT history was not well known to many users, we started by releasing it in a tabular form. In the coming months we will add-on some complementary items. The same could be done for MT.

Then we considered it would be interesting to show you how PT & MT standards/specifications have changed from their origins to nowadays and we went along the same way for UV-A radiation and visible light measurement.

DPCNEWSLETTERS deals with different topics such as: the right way to apply materials, our reports and comments on events (conferences and meetings), etc.

‘‘OLDIES BUT GOODIES’’ are true ministories which every month bring to your knowledge some interesting cases which may prevent you to duplicate the same PT or MT mistakes (either from manufacturers/suppliers or users).
The future begins today

Heartily boosted by our readers, we will keep the pace of publishing new documents on our website every month.

We won't give in advance any clue about the documents-to-be-published except for when the same topic comes as a series. We want to be able to quickly answer to questions or to very important points popping out in conferences, audits, etc.

Writing papers requires: creative thinking, information check, time, quietness and other parameters at the same time. Better to have some papers "ready-to-be-published" up your sleeve.

So far you have read:

- 8 ministories ‘‘OLDIES BUT GOODIES’’.

- 8 technical papers (one of them as 2-part series and two of them as 3-part series).

- 12 DPCNewsletters.

Among what is already available:

- Around 30 ministories ‘‘OLDIES BUT GOODIES’’.

- Around 20 papers for the DPCNewsletter.

You may also ask us to be PT or MT trainers, or "audit-helpers", i.e. to train you for audits, or to assist you when audited. We may also help for specification writing: quite often, when reading specifications, we are startled to read unnecessary requirements … that the user will nevertheless have to meet, as they are written! Keep in mind we are INDEPENDENT EXPERTS.

In short, thank you for your confidence ... and we will do our best to be of some help to anybody who dares to ask us!!

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