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Mail Inbox 2009

Mail Inbox - DPCNews 017

Written by Administrator
Thursday, 01 October 2009 10:16

PT products for special applications (Follow-up)

October 2009

Many of our American friends read the papers that we wrote and published on our website. Quite often we even get support letters and some questions are asked.

We suggest you have a thorough look at the papers published on the monthly "The Penetrant Professor", address as following:

In its November 2009 issue there is a comment on our own DPCNewsletter #017 issued in October 2009 which deals with PT products for special applications.

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Mail Inbox - DPCNews 011

Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 01 April 2009 10:15

The volatile organic compounds (VOC) and Penetrant Testing/Magnetic Testing (PT/MT)

April 2009

We received an email from a European reader, about the VOC and our DPCNewsletter n° 011.
It comes as follows (edited for clarification):
"Hello Patrick,
Just read your DPCNewsletter n°011 about VOC's, etc.
Are you aware there is already a new Directive 2004/42/CE replacing 1999/13/CE? The vapour pressure is no longer the basic but it is the initial boiling point: products boiling at less than 250°C (482°F) are VOC, while those with a higher initial boiling point are not.

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