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Mail Inbox 2012

Mail Inbox - June 2012

Written by Administrator
Saturday, 05 May 2012 12:19

Penetrant application: Why is it essential to "prevent pooling" and "drain penetrant"?

June 2012

Bob STEFFEN, Process Engineering Metallurgist, Principal Fellow, an NDT Level 3 who has worked for 30+ years in the aerospace/defense industry, sent us the following e-mail:

"Greetings from Texas!
Our question follows internal discussion spurred by the April-2012 edition(2) of "The Penetrant Professor" authored by Bill MOOZ and Michael   WHITE of Met-L-Chek:

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Mail Inbox - May 2012

Written by Administrator
Saturday, 14 April 2012 16:00

Misconceptions within magnetic testing (follow-up)

May 2012

This document, published on our Website in February 2012, based on a conference given by George HOPMAN, in Las Vegas, on 13 November 2007, raised some comments.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 15 April 2012 09:07 )

Mail Inbox - March 2012

Written by Administrator
Sunday, 12 February 2012 10:52

UV Fading (1) (Follow-up)

March 2012

One of our regular readers wrote us to let us know he does not agree with the French translation we gave of the English term "UV fading."

Last Updated ( Sunday, 12 February 2012 11:16 )

Mail Inbox - January 2012

Written by Administrator
Saturday, 10 December 2011 10:03

Large parts: how to wash a fluorescent penetrant

January 2012

We have had an exchange of emails with a reader about a "very simple" question; obviously, a good question!


"When washing parts, some time ago, after using a water-washable (WW) Level 3 fluorescent penetrant, I wondered about the washing time.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 December 2011 14:07 )