June/July/August 2015 : Terminology discrepancies between ISO and ASTM standards

Written by Dubosc
Friday, 15 May 2015 08:15

In our December 2013 Editorial(1), we reported that with regard to penetrant testing (PT) and magnetic particle testing (MT), there were some differences between the EN/ISO standards and the ASTM E1316 standard and we provided some examples.

Other differences exist, mainly about the name and the abbreviated term of some NDT methods, as shown in the following table.

ISO 9712:12
ASTM E 1316-14
NDT methods
Abbreviated terms
NDT methods
Abbreviated terms
Infrared thermographic testing
Infrared testing
Eddy current testing
Electromagnetic testing
Magnetic testing*
Magnetic particle testing
Penetrant testing
Liquid penetrant testing
Radiographic testing
Gamma- and X-radiologic testing

* There is a mistake because the word « particle » is missing. It shall be written « Magnetic particle testing ».

It would be so better to use the same names for the NDT methods and the same relevant abbreviated terms in order to rely upon only one terminology worldwide.

Sometimes, in French, the term “TT” is erroneously used as a short term for “Toutes Techniques” (i.e. "All Techniques" in English), which should not be done to avoid any confusion with "Infrared thermographic Testing”?



(1)Pierre CHEMIN and Patrick DUBOSC, About Terminology in Penetrant testing and Magnetic Particle Testing, Editorial, December 2013.

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ISO 9712:2012, Non-destructive testing -- Qualification and certification of personnel, International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, 2012.

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